How to purchase maid insurance? What does it cover?

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Oct 29, 2020 · 1769 read

How to purchase maid insurance? What does it cover?

What is maid insurance?

To ensure the safety of foreign domestic works in Singapore, the ministry of manpower (MOM) has made it mandatory for employers to insure them before their arrival. The insurance plans and minimum standards are as follows(refer to the picture for specific insurance plans and benefits):

  • Accident insurance: at least $60,000 per year.
  • Medical insurance: at least $15,000 a year (including hospitalization and surgery).
  • $5000 deposit: security deposit in case of illegal behavior either employer or maid

Where can I buy maid insurance?

Our agency could provide with insurance purchase even you intend to buy insurance for your maid only.

What does maid insurance cover?



The Company will provide a Letter of Guarantee to Ministry of Manpower in lieu of the cash deposit required under section 12 of Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Passes) Regulations or section 21 of Immigration Regulations. 


When the insured maid get injured in an accident that causes death, disability, or medical expenses within insurance duration period. Accident insurance covers death, permanent disability and medical treatment. 

(a) DEATH, receive full compensation of $60,000 and make compensation within 12 months from the date of the accident; 
(b) PERMANENT DISABLEMENT, compensation ratio shall be evaluated by the organization designated by MOM. 
(c) ACCIDENTAL MEDICAL EXPENSES, The actual charges incurred for treatment of an Insured Maid for injury in a Hospital or by a General Practitioner or the reasonable and customary charges, whichever is the lowest.


The Company will reimburse the Insured for Hospital and Surgical Expenses including pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses necessarily incurred as a result of an accident sickness or disease sustained by the Insured Maid commencing or occurring during the Period of Insurance. 


Pay to the Insured Maid a daily recuperation expense amount as stated in the Schedule / Certificate of Insurance during the Insured Maid’s stay in a hospital. 


  • Conveyance of the Insured Maid to her country of origin as a result of being certified by a registered medical practitioner to be medically unfit to perform her duties as a domestic maid under her contract for the next 6 months from the date of illness or accident.
  • Burial or cremation of the Insured Maid and / or conveyance of body or ashes to her country of origin. 


pay to the Insured the pro-rata wages and Government Levy imposed on foreign domestic maids up to the limit stated in the Schedule / Certificate of Insurance in the event of the Insured suffering the loss of service of the Insured Maid caused by her hospitalisation due to illness or accident the expenses of which are insured and payable under Section 2 or 3 of this Policy.


The Company shall pay to the Insured the agency fees incurred in hiring a replacement domestic maid up to the limit as shown on the Schedule / Certificate of Insurance as a result of termination of the Insured Maid’s services following death or permanent disablement of the Insured Maid as a result of an accident  


pay to the Insured actual expenses for outpatient kidney dialysis or cancer treatment incurred in Singapore as certified necessary by a registered medical practitioner. 


the sum as specified in the Schedule / Certificate of Insurance following the unfortunate demise of the Insured Maid by any cause. 


The Company will reimburse the Insured Maid up to the Sum Insured in the Table of Benefits for loss of or damage to personal effects belonging to the Insured Maid caused by fire, water following bursting or overflowing of water tank(s), apparatus or pipe(s) or flood damage including theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry to or exit from the Insured’s residence in Singapore.

 In the event the Insured Maid sustains Injury or disease arising out of and in the course of her employment with the Insured in Singapore, the Company will indemnify the Insured against all sums for which the Insured is liable to pay compensation.


  • Death or bodily injury to any other person; 
  • Loss of or damage to property belonging to other persons, 

caused by the negligence of the Insured Maid in the course of and arising out of her employment with the Insured in Singapore during the Period of Insurance. 


Premium and period of insurance:

14 months or 26 months. 

If exemption of MOM guarantee against guarantee is required, 

an additional premium of $ 53.5.

For example, if the maid runs away and fails to find her or she breaks the law, the MOM will deduct the deposit paid by the employer even if the employer hasn't been told about it  or it is not the employer's responsibility. At this time, the insurance company will assume most of the property loss if the exemption is granted, thus protecting the interests of the employer.


A) The Policy may be cancelled by the Insurer or the Insured by giving seven (7) days notice by registered letter to the respective parties at their last known address. 

B) In the event of termination of the employment contract in Singapore, the cover ceases automatically. The Letter of Discharge from Ministry of Manpower shall be deemed to cancel the Policy from the date of the Letter of Discharge. For the purpose of this condition, it is agreed that the validity of the cover shall be automatically extended for a further period of seven (7) days from the termination of the employment contract. 

C) If the policy is cancelled: 

  • Full refund will be given for policy cancellation due to termination of In-Principle-Approval issued by Ministry of Manpower. 
  • Within 3 months from the commencement of the Period of Insurance, the refund shall be 60%. 
  • Within 6 months from the commencement of the Period of Insurance, the refund shall be 30%. 
  • After 6 months from the commencement of the Period of Insurance, there shall be no refund or endorsement to be issued. 
  • No refund shall be given where a claim has been lodged under the policy.